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CHE201 General Chemistry A

ENG101 College Composition I

MAT140 Precalculus

This page is designed to assist anyone who is looking at how the Crystal Fjord University website was designed and would not be included in a live website for a real-life college. An alternative page that is sometimes included online is the Course Catalogue with a brief description of each course, but the catalog does not link to the complete course. The vast majority of my course numbers, descriptions, and content were copied from course descriptions that I saw online.

I would password protect each page and give the passwords to current students to prevent the general public from stumbling onto the pages. Passwords could be changed every year or every term if necessary. While I support the idea of open educational sources, such as Ted Talks and Khan Academy, I think that degree-granting colleges and universities have to keep their courses private or they will never make the money that they need to survive. I have not used passwords for any course pages to enable reviewers easier access.

To reduce the college’s expenses, each set of course pages is hosted in the Crystal Fjord University’s website. See University Discussion for additional information.