Crystal Fjord University is home to many distinguished faculty members. Each professor has demonstrated excellence in his or her field of study. Every faculty member has  Master’s degree or a Doctorate degree. Our Board of Trustees requires that, at a minimum, 50% +1 of the faculty members hold doctorate degrees. Some of our freshman courses are taught by Crystal Fjord University Fellows who are in the process of obtaining higher degrees. Every instructor and professor, whether they are engaged in a fellowship or have Dr. in front of their names, is an exemplary teacher who actively participates in their fields of study. They are all fully capable of providing our students with a high-quality academically rigorous education.

In addition, our faculty may utilize lectures and other online resources that have been publicly posted by experts from around the world. Maybe you want to study under the world-renowned inorganic chemist Jay Stork. He cannot come to you but you can go to him via the internet.