Online Library Resources

Note: Like the rest of Crystal Fjord University’s website, this is a demonstration page. If this were a true university, there would be active links to items such as online resources and the Inter Library Loan program. For examples of online library resource pages, look at (New York Institute of Technology) and (City University of New York: Hunter College). Only current students of these colleges can access their materials remotely, but the interfaces demonstrate two ways to organize online library materials. As an alumna of both of these colleges (two Master’s degrees), I can access their materials from any on-campus library computer terminal should I choose to pay my alumni dues.

Crystal Fjord University’s library is centrally located on our campus. We have books, journals, and digital media that are regularly used by our professors and our students. Our librarians can assist you to locate print and online resources in person or online via the contact form below. Many of our resources are available both in our campus library and online for work at home. For instance, all of the journal services to which we subscribe offer materials in both print and digital/online formats. This enables our students to research their topics in the format that works best for you: at our library holding the paper item, at our library using one of our computer terminals, or anywhere that you can establish a secure internet connection.

We also offer Inter Library Loan services, but these need to be planned ahead of time. It generally takes two to five business days to obtain resources, depending on where your book, periodical, or peer-reviewed journal is located.

Many academic resources are available to the general public through Google Scholar. If you sign into (or create) your own Google account, then Google will remember your personal settings (customized in the settings panel on the upper left side of the window).

Use the contact form below to ask our librarians questions.