This is a Demonstration Website created by Jeanne Stork in connection with her Doctoral program in Instructional Design and Technology at Blue Marble University.

All students are provided with your academic advisor’s email in your acceptance letter. Students who enter the university as undeclared majors and students who change majors will receive new academic advisors in your new departments. That initial letter will also have a list of required courses already in place for each semester. Once you have been accepted to Crystal Fjord University and paid your bill, you will register for your first semester’s courses using the form below. Make sure that the number of courses for which you register equals what you paid for.

Contact the Bursar’s office if there will be any changes to the number of credits that you are planning on taking prior to paying your bill and registering for classes.

The Registar’s office will verify payment with the Bursar’s office before processing all registration forms. Although this is extremely rare, if you have not fulfilled prerequisites two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester (by the end of the previous semester), either the your advisor or the Registar will contact you about choosing different courses.