Student Life Department

This is a Demonstration Website created by Jeanne Stork in connection with her Doctoral program in Instructional Design and Technology at Blue Marble University.

Our Student Life department assists students with the non-academic side of education. It offers a wide range of on-campus student activities, houses the student government, helps students to find housing (we do not have dormitories), and helps link students to financial assistance opportunities. Although many of Student Life’s programs are aimed at students who attend our on-campus and hybrid programs, online students can receive financial aid services and assistance from our Office for Students with Disabilities if needed. We know that students are not just robots soaking up academic information; the Student Life Department is here to assist with everything that surrounds and compliments course-work.

Some of our offices and services include:
Financial Aid
Community Housing
School Store
Campus Cafeteria
Student Government
Student Activities Center (over 30 clubs)
On-Line and On-Campus Support Services
Office for Students with Disabilities