Note: This is a demonstration site. A complete website could have a link to an online form that applicants would fill out and submit electronically en lieu of or along with the letter of intent to apply. Ideally, both the form and letter would be used so that the University has a sample of the student’s writing ability.

Thank you for your interest in Crystal Fjord University!

All Crystal Fjord University applications can be processed online. Local students may submit applications in person on campus. Some departments require additional interviews prior to acceptance and can conduct these interviews via video conferencing if you do not live close enough to visit the University or if your current obligations prohibit a campus visit. You will be notified by email if an interview is necessary.

It is highly recommended that prospective students apply to a major field of study, including incoming freshmen. Crystal Fjord University primarily grants Science degrees which require intensive coursework in each major’s department. It may be difficult for students to graduate on time if some of that work is not begun in the first year of study.

Prospective students will submit a letter of intent to apply to Crystal Falls University. This document should outline your past educational experiences, degrees/diplomas earned, and any relevant experience. The letter should also clearly state for which degree you wish to study (Associate, Bachelor, or Master) and your major field if you will be transferring in as a sophomore or higher, including all Master degree candidates.  Freshmen do not have to choose a major, but choosing one will make choosing courses much simpler  — including taking any prerequisites that you may need before beginning your major’s courses. You also need to state whether you are applying for online studies only or will be taking courses on campus.

All students are required to submit an essay explaining why you are an ideal candidate to join the Crystal Fjord University community and what your current plans are for the future. While we understand that plans change, we want to know what you are thinking about at this moment. This essay can be a separate document or a separate section in your application letter.

We live in the Information Age. Even students attending all of their classes on campus will receive homework assignments that require access to computer technology including the internet. Students who live near campus may utilize library computers. Our library is open around the clock except for federal and University holidays. Online students are expected to have access to a computer and a high-speed internet connection on an (almost) daily basis. Please, let us know how you will be meeting this requirement and your familiarity with computers. For instance, can you effectively create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations or do you need assistance to learn these skills? Can you easily follow directions for accessing the Univerity’s online library resources and available public resources, or would you like help? Like the above essay, this information can be provided in a separate document or included in your letter of intent to apply.

Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees require a high school transcript that lists each course and grade or an equivalent ED or foreign document. Transfer and Master’s applicants need to submit transcripts from each college that they have attended. Master’s candidates need to provide proof of having earned a U.S. Bachelor’s degree or the international equivalent. If the transcript does not include your graduation date, the field of study, and type of diploma or degree; then a separate diploma or degree must be submitted. Electronic materials are accepted as long as we are able to verify their validity with the institution (such as through a controlled password-protected online portal); please provide us with all necessary directions. Otherwise, mailing official documents to Crystal Fjord University will be necessary.

All documents (except for official paper transcripts, diplomas, and degrees) should be saved in pdf form. Email all of the pdf files and links to online documents (such as to transcripts hosted online by your previous schools) in the same application email to Only emails with complete application packages will be reviewed. Official documents should be sent from the school or college you attended directly to the address below. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the admissions office using the form at the bottom of this page.

Crystal Fjord University, 1234 Anywhere Road, Any Town, Any State, 00000-0000. Telephone: 555-555-5555