Crystal Fjord University Adds Online Learning

This Crystal Fjord University site is being developed to demonstrate how can be used as a learning platform. We are excited to show how a small local university can expand its student base to include online students who either do not live in the community or whose work and home responsibilities make attending traditional “brick and mortar” colleges impossible. At Crystal Fjord University, student success is our top-most obligation.

Author: Jeanne Stork

I am a special education teacher who supervised a technology lab for twenty five years. The lab had specialized software, adapted mice, additional adapted hardware, and picture symbol communication aids for students whose significant disabilities made it difficult for them to use the general computer lab. I taught students who could not climb the stairs to my lab in their classrooms. I also assisted teachers and other personnel in my school with their technology needs as time permitted. Before moving to the technology lab, I was a classroom teacher with a classroom computer that students and staff could use. Now, I am a semi-retired substitute teacher.

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