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I envision that students will receive their Crystal Fjord University identification numbers and the link to their financial pages as part of the welcome email when students are accepted to the college. After students register and pay for their first semester’s classes, they would receive the link to their primary personal pages along with directions for accessing their courses. The student pages will need to be updated each term with new information such as the grade(s) for the previous term and links to the upcoming term’s courses.

Directions for setting up students’ accounts and websites are located on the WordPress Student Help page. will be used by students to give assignments to professors and to create online portfolios.

This page is designed to assist anyone who is looking at how the Crystal Fjord University website was designed and would not be included in a live website for a real-life college. I would password protect each student’s pages and give the passwords only to the proper students.

To reduce the college’s expenses, each set of student pages created by the university is hosted on the Crystal Fjord University’s website. See University Discussion for additional information.