CHE201 General Chemistry A: Week Two

Week Two: Stoichiometry and molecular composition

Part One: Balancing chemical equations
1. Video: Chemical reactions introduction

2. Video: Balancing chemical equations

3. Video: Balancing more complex chemical equations

4. Video: Visually understanding balancing chemical equations

5. Video: Balancing another combustible reaction

6. Video: Balancing chemical equation with substitution

Part Two: Stoichiometry

1. Read: Stoichiometry introduction

2. Video: Stoichiometry

3. Video: Stoichiometry example problem 1

4. Video: Stoichiometry example problem 2

Part Three: Limiting reagent stoichiometry

1. Video: Stoichiometry: limiting reagent

2. Video: Limiting reactant example problem 1

3. Read: Limiting reagent and theoretical yield

4. Read: Introduction to gravimetric analysis: Volatilization gravimetry

5. Read: Gravimetric analysis and precipitation gravimetry

Part Four: Molecular composition
1. Video: Empirical, molecular, and structural formulas

2. Video: Molecular mass percentage

3. Video: Molecular weight percentages

4. Video: Empirical formula from mass composition

5. Video: Another mass composition problem

Discussion: (details to be provided by the professor or department) I would like to see complete sentences, as this is a writing assignment and will count toward your grade. Each student is responsible for posting their own ideas and commenting on another student’s post.

Homework Assignment: Upload your assignment as a pdf file into the media section of your WordPress account. Submit the link to the pdf document in the contact form, NOT in the discussions. The contact form will be sent directly to the professor and cannot be viewed by other students. Homework should be submitted by 11:59, September 15th. (details to be provided by the professor or department)

Quiz: The quiz is hosted on Although it is timed for thirty minutes, many students will complete the quiz in less time than that. It is possible to look up answers (open-book style quiz), but that takes additional time; therefore, the more you know the higher your score will be.  The quiz should be submitted by 11:59, September 15th.(All of the questions are derived from the material found on Khan Academy’s website by utilizing the above links. Some of the questions contain content that is quoted directly from source material found in the above links. Additional information about the quiz, including how to take it on Schoology, can be found by click on this Schoology Quiz Directions link.)

Contacting the Professor: The contact form on each page can also be used to submit questions to the professor. The pages will be updated if the same question is asked by multiple people.

Reference: All of the videos and links to written materials are from Khan Academy, including the video and written material titles ( The videos are produced by Khan Academy and hosted on YouTube for public viewing.

This lesson demonstrates how professors/departments can embed videos and links to written materials throughout the web. I could have just as easily chosen to copy the written information and past it into the lesson (with proper citations, of course). Although Khan Academy material is free for everyone, a college chemistry department may want to create its own videos and written material to emphasize the subject matter that the professors and departmental staff feel are important.

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