Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Theory

Online Major Only: Bachelors of Science in Chemistry Theory is our online Chemistry major. A minimum grade of C- is necessary for each prerequisite and required course. An average GPA of 2.5 must be maintained in all prerequisite courses, required courses, and other Science College courses you may take. Our faculty members are dedicated to helping you to reach and surpass these minimums! The American Chemical Society does not accredit this online program. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that a degree without any laboratory hours will fulfill future educational and employment objectives.

Required Online Courses … 72 credits
CHE201 General Chemistry A
CHE202 General Chemistry B
CHE231 Physical Chemistry A
CHE232 Physical Chemistry B
MAT201 Calculus A
MAT202 Calculus B
PHY201 General Physics A
PHY202 General Physics B
CHE303 Introduction to Analytical Chemistry
CHE311 Inorganic Chemistry A
CHE312 Inorganic Chemistry B
CHE321 Organic Chemistry A
CHE322 Organic Chemistry B
CHE340 Introduction to Chemical Literature
MAT341 Applied Mathematics I
CHE403 Advanced Analytical Chemistry
CHE407 Instrumental Techniques
CHE423 Advanced Physical Chemistry
BCM461 Biochemistry A
Two 400-level Chemistry courses approved by the Chair
Two 400-level Science department course approved by the Chair
CHE498 Senior Research in Chemistry (minimum grade: B-)

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Bachelor Degree’s University Core Requirement: (36 credits)
Students may not use the same courses to fulfill the University Core Requirement and requirements within your major, but core requirements can be used as prerequisite courses. The courses can be combined with general electives for people who choose to declare a minor. Students transferring in with an Associates degree or other accepted transfer credits often find that they have previously met the majority of these requirements.
ENG101 and 102 College Composition I and II (6)
Two Mathematics courses (6-8) Students without a strong enough background in mathematics to prepare them to take calculus will need to take Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry (MAT120) and Precalculus (MAT140).
Two Science courses (6-8) Students without a strong background in the physical (“hard”) sciences will need to take Introduction to Physical Sciences A and B (SCI101 and SCI102).
Two additional Humanities courses (6) These must be from departments other than English.
One Art or Performing Arts course (3)
One Health and Physical Education course (3)
One Business or Technology course (3)
One Education or Human Services Course (3)

General Electives: Twelve additional credits are needed to meet the 120 credits required to graduate. These electives could be used to explore additional areas of interest, to delve deeper into the sciences, or to help fulfill an optional minor subject.

One Possible Eight-Semester Curriculum Map for Online Students:
Semester 1 (15 credits)
ENG101, MAT120, SCI101, Health/Physical Education elective, Art or Performing Arts elective

Semester 2 (15 credits)
ENG102, MAT140, SCI102, Education or Human Services elective, Business or Technology elective

Semester 3 (15 credits)
CHE201, CHE231, MAT201, PHY201, Humanities elective

Semester 4 (15 credits)
CHE202, CHE232, MAT202, PHY202, Humanities elective

Semester 5 (15 credits)
CHE303, CHE311, CHE321, general elective, general elective

Semester 6 (15 credits)
CHE312, CHE322, CHE340, MAT341, general elective

Semester 7 (15 credits)
CHE403, CHE407, CHE423, BCM461, general elective

Semester 8 (15 credits)
CHE 400 elective, CHE 400 elective, Science 400 elective, Science 400 elective,

Reference: Most of this information was copied from State University of New York College at New Paltz’ website. Some course numbers and course sequence sections were changed to fit the adaptation of an online chemistry major that I developed.

Note: The course links are for demonstration purposes only. In a real college website, I would either create links to course descriptions or eliminate those links completely.