MAT140 Precalculus: Assignments

If this is your first time visiting this page, go to MAT140 Precalculus: Introduction and read the introduction to this course before completing any assignments.

Fall 2018 Semester: Click on the week number in the list below to go to that page. You may want to bookmark this page for easy access.

Week One: September 4-7: Algebra Review: Solve linear and quadratic equations
Week Two: September 10-14: Solve some classes of rational and radical equations (will be a review for some people)
Week Three: September 17-21: Graph polynomial, rational, piece-wise, exponential and logarithmic functions
Week Four: September 24-28: Find integer roots of polynomial equations
Week Five: October 3-October 7: Solve exponential and logarithm equations
Week Six: October 10-14: Understand the inverse relations between exponential and logarithm equations
Week Seven: October 17-21: Compute values of exponential and logarithm expressions using basic properties
Week Eight: October 24-28: Trigonomic Review: Evaluate trigonometric functions using the unit circle and right triangle approaches
Week Nine: October 29-November 2: Solve trigonometric equations (will be a review for some people)
Week Ten: November 5-9: Verify trigonometric identities
Week Eleven: November 12-16: Prove and use basic trigonometric identities.
Thanksgiving Break
Week Twelve: November 26-November 30: Manipulate trigonometric expressions using standard identities
Week Thirteen: December 3-7: Solve right triangles
Week Fourteen: December 10-14: Apply the Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines

Students are encouraged to begin the next week’s studies during the previous weekend if at all possible.

All final work is due by 11:59pm on December 14th (U.S. Eastern Standard Time).

(notes: The class subjects were copied from and Only weeks one and eight have active links in this demonstration page. This page would be filled in with details from the professor and/or the relevant department instead of the Coursera information.)