Student Two

This is your personal page within the Crystal Fjord University website. For simplicity, you can bookmark this page then use it to go to your current courses, your department’s overview page, your transcript, and your financial records/tuition bill.

Autumn 2018 Courses Click a title to go to get the Assignments page for each course.
CHE201 General Chemistry A
ENG101 College Composition I
MAT140 Precalculus
FRE101 French 1 (This is not a live link in this demonstration.)
PHE107 Outdoor Physical Fitness (This is not a live link in this demonstration.)

Registered Degree and Major: Associate of Science in Chemistry Theory (Click the title to open the page.)

Academic Status: Full-Time Student, First Semester

Current Bill and Financial Records: Click the title to open the page. Access this page with your private Crystal Fjord University student identification number. Here is where you will find information about your current bill, financial aid received, payments received, and payment instructions.

Official Transcript: Click the title to open the page. Access this page with your date of birth in mm/dd/yyyy format, including the slashes. Give the link to prospective employers, schools, and other people who need to verify your transcript. You will also have to give them your date of birth mm/dd/yyyy password. To help maintain your privacy, neither your Crystal Fjord University identification number nor any governmental numbers appear on this page.

You also have your own personal site. Early on, that site will be mostly used to host assignments. As you progress through Crystal Fjord University, you will gradually turn your personal site into a portfolio that clearly displays your best work.